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Best Budget Reverb Pedal

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best budget reverb pedal

Reverb is one of the oldest guitar effects, beginning with the spring tanks found in early tube amps, but today’s digital reverb pedals take the concept far beyond these early analog components.

The best reverb pedals use state-of-the-art algorithms to emulate the sound of not only amp springs, but studio plates, halls and cathedral spaces, to lend your guitar a sense of atmosphere and drama.

Ahead, we’ve picked out 10 of our favourite reverb pedals that you can buy today, each with a range of high-quality ’verbs that can add a subtle sense of space right up to sound-scaping ambient textures.

1. Ammoon Spring Reverb Mini

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The Ammoon Spring reverb mini is a budget priced reverb pedal, being priced at under £30. The unit is housed in a very sturdy, all-metal encased chassis and is extremely small in size, making it ideal for the guitarist who’s not got much to spend, and not much space on the pedalboard.

The pedal is noted to provide a high-quality reverb effect, as though it is a more expensive unit, with guitarists mentioning that it provides a very warm but unique, vibrato-like sound with subtle harmonics.

From a usability perspective, there are only two knob controls (excluding the footswitch), which are ‘Mix’ and ‘Dwell’. Mix controls the overall mixture of wet and dry signal upon output, and Dwell controls the reverberation timing functionality.

Because of the simple functionality, it makes the pedal ideal for the guitarist who requires a plug-n-play solution, without needing to mess around with a mass of interface settings.

Key Features
  • Small size with low noise
  • Near bottomless depth of spring reverb sound
  • Mix pot to balance dry/wet degree.
  • Dwell pot for adjusting bit reduction rate.
  • True bypass switch achieves zero-loss of tone, with a LED indicator to state working condition.
  • Single 1/4″monaural input and output jacks, 9V DC adapter power supply, current draw is 85mA.

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It’s simple regarding this pedal, it’s for the guitarist who has a small budget, wants a small, compact unit which is suitable for both touring/live shows and practising, and provides a good-quality reverb effect sound. It’s fantastic value for money, and if you like pink, we’re certain that you’ll like this.

2. Muslady Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

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Aside from the massive library of Eventide guitar effects there’s a wealth of other features that make the Muslady Digital Reverb guitar effect pedal an essential modern guitar pedal:

  • Stereo I/O,
  • Pre/Post effects routing in mono,
  • 99 pre-sets, extensive MIDI functionality,
  • exp pedal control,
  • true bypass, tap tempo
  • H9 Control app.

Although Delay and Reverb are distinctly separate effects, they both use the same concept of repeating your electric guitar’s signal at varying intervals. The Ammoon Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal is one of the best reverb pedals you can buy for under £30.

The Muslady Digital Reverb guitar effect pedal contains 9 digital reverb effects and 9 delay effects. Add depth to your guitar’s sound with the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail.

The all-metal stompbox construction of this Electro-Harmonix guitar effect pedal makes it durable. With three knobs – blend, amount, and reverb type, this reverb guitar pedal enables greater tone-weaving versatility.

Key Features
  • Digital reverb guitar effect pedal.
  • 2 control knobs for adjusting reverb decay and mix(ratio of the dry/wet sound).
  • Full metal shell and compact size design, durable and portable.
  • With true bypass switch and LED working status indicator light.

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This digital reverb guitar pedal comes highly recommended at second place. It provides great value for money while being compact and durable to use. All these features and amazing sound at the touch of a butting, all for under £30, you cant go wrong.

3. Ammoon ENO Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

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The ENO Reverb guitar pedal is among the best cheap reverb pedals in our review – it features three reverb modes (room, well, and spring), two control knobs (level and time), and dry/wet path selection.

It’s a pretty basic reverb pedal with true bypass and magnalium housing that provides decent versatility and great performance.

Key Features
  • Allows you experience any reverb from Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Ducking, Echo to Space sounds, etc.
  • Magnalium alloy housing, good durability.
  • True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal.
  • Designed with on / off LED, instructs effects or bypass status.
  • DC 9V adapter power supply, 4 adjustable knobs, 0.25in monaural jack.

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Cheap pedals usually perform well in some spheres while lacking in others – that’s not the case with Ammoon’s ENO reverb pedal. It sounds pretty decent for the buck, the level of versatility it boasts is great (to say the least), and it’s pretty cheap. Overall, this is a perfect reverb pedal for beginners.

4. Behringer DR600 Digital Reverb Effects Pedal

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Coming from one of the most renowned manufacturers of affordable guitar effects, the Behringer DR600 digital reverb pedal comes with a rather budget-friendly price tag, yet keeps the sonic quality way up.

We don’t tend to recommend Behringer stompboxes as top choice for every type of effect, particularly not for distortion, but as far as reverb and delay go, we believe that they have all the needed punch at significantly lower rates than their peers. Let’s check what this one’s about then!

As noted, the level of sound quality of this pedal is on par with items that are twice as expensive. But what we also like very much is how easy to use this pedal is. All control knobs are not just self-explanatory but give a crystal clear audio image of the exact effect they have on your sound output.

Key Features
  • Ultimate digital reverb effects pedal comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors
  • This behringer product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • 24-bit high-resolution stereo reverbs including spring, plate, hall, gate, room and modulate
  • Dedicated mode, time, tone and level controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Blue status led for effect on/off and battery check

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Overall, this is one of the strongest contestants for the flattering title of the best cheap reverb pedal on the market. It offers top value for money in just about every department, and perhaps most importantly – the sonic quality can’t be matched within this price range. A thumbs up from here!

5. Donner Yellow Fall Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Mini

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If you want the best reverb pedal for guitars but are working to a small budget, then the Donner Yellow Fall Delay Guitar Effect Pedal is a wise purchase. This is a compact and solidly put together pedal that gives you pretty much all of the effects that you could hope for at a very low price.

With pure analogue whole circuit delay, you get clear, powerful sound out of this little aluminium alloy box. As usual with good guitar pedals, there is an LED indicator to show that it is working and an input for your 9V adaptor, with no battery option available.

It is especial recommended if you are looking for a pure delay effect rather than delay reverb. It comes with a useful user manual, so there is no need to worry if you are new to the business and are worried about some of the technical terms.

Key Features
  • Pure analog whole circuit delay, clear, plump and smooth new delay effect
  • Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong. True bypass provides transparent tone
  • LED indicator shows the working state
  • Power Supply: 9V AC adapter (positive Tip)
  • Note: Please make sure the diameter for power plug using is 5.5, and the power for the adapter is OUT-DC 9V- 500mA 4.5W. The mis-usage for power adapter usually can lead to a loud buzzing sound.

Video Review:


As we steadily reach the final lines of this review, we will just point out that the yellow Donner fella is a part of a mini-pedal trend that’s taking over the world. Small and light, yet incredibly powerful, this guy is showing the world how things are done properly and in style! One of the best items of this niche and price range, that’s for sure.

6. Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay Effects Pedal

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You can get the genuine pleasure of a quality reverb pedal at a decent price with this Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay Effects Pedal. It provides true analogue delay and vintage slap-back echo that rivals any tape delay that will delight musicians looking for a way of adding charm and extra quality to this music.

You get up to 300 ms of delay while the use of an advanced noise reduction circuit ensures that the signal is kept clean at all times. Among the most useful controls on this pedal are those for intensity, echo and repeat rate, which gives you a huge level of control over your sounds.

Key Features
  • Experience true analog delay and vintage slap-back echo that rivals any tape delay
  • Vintage bbds produce up to 300 ms of delay and advanced noise reduction circuit keeps your signal clean
  • Dedicated intensity, echo and repeat rate controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Blue status led for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 v battery or the behringer psu-sb dc power supply (not included)

Video Review


The style of the Behringer VD400 Vintage Delay Effects Pedal matches the vintage feel to the overall effects pedal and makes it a wonderful addition to any group’s set up. It might not be the sturdiest pedal out there but at a low price and with an attractive range of features it is definitely worth considering.

7. Caline CP-41 Ghost Rain Reverb Delay Effects Pedal

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This overdrive not only holds its own against some of the more well-known klones out there, it also proves that you don’t have to be expensive to sound fantastic. The Ghost Rain is a warm, analog delay combined with a splash of reverb, for a nice, natural-sounding pedal.

With just 3 controls, the Ghost Rain doesn’t take too long to figure out. Echo sets your effect level, F. Back adjusts the amount of repeats and time dials in your delay time, sporting a range from 25ms – 600ms.

The Delay sound is very dynamic and warm, and the Feedback controls will send your sound into super gnarly oscillation if you put it anywhere near 3:00 or beyond, adding to its impressive vintage, analog tone.

Now, some would prefer to have control over the ‘verb, but at under £30 for a delay-and-reverb-in-one pedal, you really can’t complain. Plus, the delay really sounds good – full and clear, and an excellent path to travel on if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to sound great on stage or in the studio.

Key Features
  • Genuine Caline Product
  • Reverb Delay
  • Full Metal Casing
  • True Bypass

Video Review


Overall, this reverb pedal is a good budget buy for anyone looking to have minimal control over their effects. The lack of reverb control is not ideal but for under £30 this pedal will have you hammering out the tunes in no time.

8. Caline CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb Pedal

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The Caline has this no nonsense standardized and uniform approach towards their line of pedals, low profile marketing, plain cardboard box, a uniform pedal housing, plain colors, classic knobs … Spartan looks.

The Snake Bite is a bit different however, it still has the standard aluminum cast housing, and it’s a plain black pedal with white lettering, actually a stylish look, 2 rows of 3 controls each, white fluted knobs with black markers.  The pots feel solid, just enough stiffness for finetuning the controls.

This Caline CP-26 Snake Bite comes with a 9V DC adapter socket on top, in- and output on the sides and a Status LED. It looks expensive, Inside, it looks clean, jacks and pots are soldered onto the main PCB, whereas the switch is soldered onto a separate PCB, there is no battery clip.

Key Features
  • Very good sounding reverb with high quality and smooth tail
  • Several adjustment knops
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply not included

Video Review


Like many other Chinese made guitar gear The Snake Bite is an inexpensive alternative to some of the other reverb pedals on the market today. The CP-26 has an aluminum alloy housing and appears to be well built and durable. Considering the inexpensive price and the quality of both the tone and its durability, you really can’t beat this pedal!

9. Biyang RV-10 Stereo “Tri Reverb” Guitar Effects Pedal

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With a True Bypass design and made with quality components, this budget reverb pedal is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows.

Although it’s not a perfect pedal, it does have some features which make it pretty good to use. It a sealed pedal so dust can’t get into its potentiometer, and it has a durable outer case for durability.

It also has three different effects which include Room, Hall, and Spring. It’s a stereo pedal and features true stereo inputs and outputs. Taking everything into consideration, it’s easy to say that this is a nice pedal in its price range but falls just shy of a professional reverb because its tone sucks at higher settings.

Key Features
  • Super bright LED. True Bypass design.
  • German WIMA capacitors
  • Sealed, dust proof metal pots, for long life.
  • Controls: Blend, Time. Reverb mode toggle switch. A/B toggle switch
  • Replace the battery if the effect begins to distort or behave erratically. Preferably use a 9v power supply because reverb pedals are very power hungry and will not last long on battery power.

Video Review


Overall, we really like the versatility of reverb sounds you can get out of this pedal. Although slightly more expensive than others, sat at under £40 this reverb pedal is still exceptional value for its money.

10. Donner Wave Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini

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This is the delay pedal from Donner Company with the name of Wave, which is also a pure analog circuit delay pedal. And maybe it’s the smallest analog delay effect pedal ever.

The clear tone of Wave can be well applied to all kinds of music, and the tone can compete with same expensive similar products.

True bypass switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument.

Key Features
  • Two models: MOD Mode: Provide mod effect of delay. NORMAL Mode: Provide normal effect of delay
  • Pure analog Whole circuit delay, clear, plump and smooth new delay effect.
  • Super mini size, made of aluminum alloy, convenient and durable.
  • True bypass provides a transparent tone. LED indicator shows the working state.
  • Power Supply: 9V DC adapter (Not included in the package).

Video Review


It is a truly miniature feat of engineering, and whilst we aren’t settled on the authenticity of its analog circuitry it provides another affordable option. The 2 different delay modes make for easy operation it is an ideal starter analogue delay pedal.

Buying Guide: What To Look For

If there’s one thing reverb pedal buyers aren’t short of, it’s choice. There are pedals of many different types, to suit all different requirements.

It can be hard to know where to begin. As we often do with these guides, we’d suggest giving some thought to the type of application you’ll be using the item for before you part with your cash.

Many amps come with these settings included, so there’s no major surprises involved. Hall mimics the effects of playing in a large hall – obviously – while plate and spring give the effect of a sound being played into an object which then alters the tone.

If your musical style is more adventurous, or you want to cover more tonal bases, you can start to look at some of the more advanced pedal types. Often, you’ll find shimmer included here; this adds a pitch-shifted copy of the signal through the reverb to offer a lush, choral effect which works great with single notes or synths.


How does a reverb pedal work?

Modulation effects work by disturbing a signal’s pitch and/or frequency to create everything from spaceship sounds to classic vibrato. Popular types of modulation pedals include:

  • A phaser pedal splits a signal and plays back the two paths at different wavelengths to produce a spacey sound, like the one on the drums in Tears For Fears “Head Over Heels.” (Listen for the drum fill as the song heads into the bridge.)
  • Flange is a lot like phaser, but with more of a sweeping effect. Eddie Van Halen used flange so often that Dunlop eventually engineered a flange pedal, the MXR EVH-117, based on his guitar sound.
  • Vibrato and tremolo.Though they sound similar, vibrato and tremolo are two completely different effects. Tremolo is actually a dynamic effect, relying on variations in a note’s volume to produce a shuddering sound. Vibrato is modulation’s answer to tremolo; small, fast pitch changes result in a vibrating sound. Guitars with whammy bars enable players to produce vibrato manually.
  • Octave divider.Octave pedals output your signal in a higher or lower octave. Jack White uses a DigiTech Whammy octave pedal to make his guitar sound like a bass on the White Strips song “Seven Nation Army.”
  • Ring modulator.Used by avant-garde musicians in the 1950s, ring modulator effects mix a source sound with sound from an internal oscillator to create signals that are mathematically related. Ring modulation results in a variety of noise ranging from dissonance and grinding to metallic or bell-like tones.

Modulation effects produce some of the most interesting and bizarre sounds available for guitar. However, if you think pitch and frequency effects are fun, time-based effects will really blow your mind. Do you hear an echo? Head over to the next page and find out.

Where does a reverb pedal go in a chain?

A reverb pedal, as with any ambient effect, will sit most comfortably ant the end of any effects chain. This allows you to make sense of its full ambient potential. Should you add reverb before other effects, its sound will be altered or in some cases short. This is subjective however, as you may want your reverb to sound gritty or affected in some way.

Its also quite common to run reverb through your valve amp’s effects loop, if it has one. The effects loop sits between the power amp and the preamp valves: the preamp valves provide your amp with its overdrive or distortion, so putting reverb in the loop before the preamp means you’ll get a cleaner, more accurate sound. Again, this is subjective – Why not experiment and see what you prefer!

Why do I need a reverb pedal?

There are many ways in which you can use a reverb pedal in your rig. Here are some of the most common applications you might want to consider:

  • Ambiance – if you feel that your sound is just too ‘dry’ and you need to add some padding to it, a little reverb can work wonders. With delay, the audible repetitions of your playing can sometimes interfere with the rhythmic aspect of your playing, whereas reverb simply adds a nice wash. Perfect for when you want your lead parts to reach a little further or your cleans to have a real sense of space.
  • Smoothen your mix – adding some reverb with a quick attack and decay can help fill the gaps in your sound. Do you ever feel that the space in between riffs or song sections is abrupt and unattractive? A tiny amount of reverb can help smooth over your playing, helping you sit better in the mix – whether its live, in rehearsal or in the studio.
  • Abstract texture – when you want a guitar to adopt a different tonal flavour entirely, or add texture to an otherwise formulaic mix, only a feature packed reverb will do the trick. Making use of tines such as decay, tone and shimmer on some more complex reverb pedals can make for some really interesting effects.

So, To Finish Up

As it can clearly be seen, adding reverb to your pedalboard is not something to be taken lightly. A lot of things have to be considered to achieve the right effect for your particular style of music. However, if the guitarists take the time to find that perfect pedal and learn how to use it effectively, then they will undoubtedly fall in love with its sound.

After all, no other effect can create the illusion of space like a reverb pedal can. And when it’s paired with a delay or echo pedal, then the effect can really seem impressive. It’s certainly a misunderstood pedal, but it’s one that everyone should add to their board. Or at the very least, it’s a pedal that everyone should at least consider adding to their board.

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