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Best Budget Gaming Chair [2021’s Top 10 Picks!]

by BestBudgetAdmin
best budget gaming chair

For many of us, playing our favourite game after work is a great way to relax and unwind. We’re also spending more time at our laptops and computers and having a chair which is comfortable and supportive is very important.

Gaming chairs are designed for people who are sitting for a long period of time so they offer support and comfort where it’s needed.

Here are 10 gaming chairs which will help prevent aches and muscle stiffness when you sit playing for a long time.

Best Budget Gaming Chair: Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. TRESKO Racing Style Faux Leather Office Chair

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If you want to add a bit of style to your room, you can’t go wrong with this chair from TRESKO and it comes in a variety of colours too.

The design makes it a comfortable office chair as well as a good choice for gaming. The seat and back are padded and covered in faux leather, so they are comfortable to sit on and durable too. The arms are also padded and are slightly sloping so that your arms rest in a natural position.

It will provide all the support you need for your back and pelvis, and it has a wide back to help your lower spine.

The height is adjustable using a simple gas lift and it also has a tilt function so you will be able to sit comfortably for several hours.

Key Features
  • Padded armrests
  • Faux Leather for comfort
  • Gas lift for height adjustment
  • 360° Swivel
  • Tilt action
  • Height adjustable: 45-55cm


This is a great chair for everyday use, as the design provides support just where you need it. This makes it comfortable too, allowing you to work or play your favourite game in complete comfort.

2. IntimaTe WM Heat Gaming Chair

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The IntimaTe WM Heat Gaming Chair is filled with high density foam to provide you with excellent comfort and support.

The PU leather upholstery is not only stylish, but comfortable, breathable and durable. The armrests are padded and sloped, so your arms will not feel any pressure and the chair has a tilt function so you can lean back and feel fully supported.

Although some installation is necessary, this is also easy and you can sit comfortably to relax and unwind.

Key Features
  • Bucket seats with high density thick foam
  • 360° swivel action
  • Tilt function
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Height adjustable: 45-55cm


The red upholstery of this chair creates a striking contrast to the rest of the chair, and the whole design has your comfort and support in mind. Complete with a swivel action you can use this to work, or to chill out at the end of a long day.

3. BraZen 17993 Stag Gaming Chair

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This BraZen chair offers you a little more with its Bluetooth functionality.

The chair itself is designed to provide you support where you need it, as it contains breathable memory foam which will mould to your contours. When not in use, it also has a nice fold function so it takes up less room.

The Bluetooth option means you can connect to your game, or any other audio equipment, so you can listen as you play. There are surround sound speakers, so all you have to do is connect to your game console, TV or iPod and the chair will do the rest.

This feature makes it the perfect way to relax, as you can watch your favourite movie with great sound, or immerse yourself in a game.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth function
  • Surround sound
  • Padded foam seats
  • Load capacity up to 150kg


The Bluetooth and surround sound speakers mean this chair offers a little more. As well as being supportive and comfortable, it folds down when you’re not using it so it can be stored under a desk or table. We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to use it.

4. JL Comfurni Gaming Chair

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This striking Gaming Chair from Comfurni comes in a contrasting red and black design.

The seat and back are both well padded, making sure your back receives the support it needs, and that you can sit in comfort for as long as you need to. You can also tilt the back to help you relax, and this chair has a rocker action so you can rock gently too.

The height of the chair can be adjusted so you can alter it perfectly to suit your own height, and the armrests can be pushed up out of the way if you do not need them.

Also included with this chair is a neck pillow which sits at the top of the chair to give your neck and shoulders extra support and this can be removed if you do not need it.

Key Features
  • Faux leather padded seat
  • 360° swivel
  • Lift and rocker mechanism
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Extra neck pillow
  • Load capacity up to 150kg


This chair provides plenty of support and can be used in the office or for gaming. PU leather gives it a lovely look and feel and the added neck pillow is a nice feature to give you that extra support when you may need it.

5. Cherry tree furniture high back recliner gaming chair

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This great chair from Cherry tree furniture gives you a little something extra.

The design includes 10 cm padding which is made from high-density foam to offer you the ultimate in comfort and support. It also includes adjustable cushions, so you if you need extra support to your neck or to the lumbar region these can be adjusted to suit you.

If you really want to relax you can recline all the way to 180° and if you do you can pull out the retractable footrest to support your lower legs. This footrest can also be used if you simply want to put your feet up while you play your favourite game.

Key Features
  • Adjustable lumbar and head action
  • Faux leather
  • 360° swivel
  • Fully reclining
  • Retractable footrest
  • Adjustable height: 48 – 55 cm


If you want your gaming chair to give you that little bit extra, then this is an excellent choice. Not only does it provide extra neck and lumbar support when you need it, but you can also recline all the way back to fully relax at the end of the day. The retractable footrest is a nice little addition and it doesn’t take up any extra room when not in use.

6. BraZen Stag Gaming Chair

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This is another great gaming chair which can also be used for entertainment purposes.

The chair itself is padded with memory foam so it will mould itself to the shape of your body, providing you with maximum support at all times. The armrests slope down to help keep your arms in a natural position to help reduce any strain on your neck and shoulders.

It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and surround sound speakers. You can connect this to your games console to fully appreciate the background noise from your game, or relax and listen to your favourite tunes or even connect it to your television to enjoy your favourite movie.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Surround Sound
  • Padded with memory foam
  • Sloping armrests
  • Maximum capacity: 150kg


This chair is a wonderfully versatile chair which provides excellent support if you enjoy hours of gaming or if you connect a Bluetooth you can relax and enjoy your favourite sounds, or connect your TV to give you a much better audio experience.

7. LUKCRACER Gaming Chair

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The LUKCRACER gaming chair has many features to help you relax and feel comfortable while sitting for a long time.

Covered with PU leather and filled with foam, it is comfortable to touch and provides all the support you need to sit on. One added bonus of this chair is the movable massage pillow. This pillow connects via USB and can be set to massage your lower back, or you can move it further up to help relax your neck and shoulders.

The chair also has two recline positions and a retractable foot stool so you can simply lie back and relax any time you want to. One big advantage with this chair is that as the back reclines, the armrests recline too, so your arms will feel supported as well.

Key Features
  • Massage function
  • Covered in PU leather
  • Comfortable foot rest
  • Recliner to 150°
  • Armrests recline with the chair


The movable massage pillow is a wonderful addition for this chair, as it can help relax tired, aching muscles either to help you as you play, or to simply unwind at the end of the day. The recliner and retractable footrest both add to the comfort of this chair making it a versatile chair to relax in.

8. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

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The GTPLAYER Gaming Chair is another chair we recommend to help you with your gaming.

It provides excellent support as it is filled with a premium memory foam and it also includes adjustable pillows to help support your neck and shoulders and your lumbar region. It has a 360° swivel action so it can be used but gaming or in the office.

It also has three positions for reclining so you can relax back to 160° at the touch of a button. The height of the chair is adjustable so it is perfect for anyone and it has a maximum weight load of 145 kg

Key Features
  • 360° swivel action
  • Recline to 160°
  • Premium memory foam padding
  • Maximum capacity: hundred 45 kg
  • Additional head and lumbar support


This great looking chair from GTPLAYER provides excellent support with a memory foam padding, as well as additional support for the neck and lower back whenever you need it. The recliner function is a nice feature with three resting positions so that you can fully benefit from the relaxation experience this chair offers.

9. Hironpal Gaming Chair

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The Hironpal Gaming Chair offers you great support where you need it to help you fully enjoy your gaming experience. It also has adjustable pillows if you need added support to your neck and shoulders or lumbar region.

As well as having a 360° swivel action, you can recline whenever you need to as the backrest will go down to 180°. The chair also features a rock function with tension control and to complete the design the armrests are also adjustable so you can customise this chair to your own requirements.

Key Features
  • Covered with PU leather
  • 360° swivel action
  • Additional lumbar and neck support
  • Recline to 180°
  • Rocking action
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable height


This is a nice looking chair which offers great support and the added adjustable neck and lumbar cushions are a great way to help ease any tensions out of your muscles while you relax. The recline function is a nice feature as you can just lean back to relax any time you want.

10. TECTAKE Luxury Office Racing Chair

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The TECTAKE luxury office racing chair is our final suggestion which will help your gaming experience.

The back and seat both have extra thick padding for your comfort and support, and one nice little bonus feature on this is that it has textile inserts which can help reduce sweat on the fabric. The back design guarantees maximum support where you need it and the armrests have been ergonomically designed to slope so that your arms are resting at a natural angle.

The height of the chair is adjustable so it can be used by anyone, and there is a tilt mechanism if you wish to lean back. The chair also comes in many different colours so you can choose the best one to suit your home decor.

Key Features
  • Extra thick padding
  • Sloping armrests
  • Tilt function
  • Adjustable height: 45 -56 cm


This is a nice chair anyone who likes to spend many hours gaming, as the padding ensures that your muscles will not feel stiff and tired while you are sitting. The adjustable height and sloping armrests make it a great choice for anybody of any height or size.

Buyers Guide: What You Need To Know

For many people the look of a chair is often the most important reason for buying. When it comes to gaming chairs there are different styles and designs, and many different colours available, but you need to consider a lot more and how it looks before you invest in one.

Here are some of the things you need to check out.


Whether you use your chair for work or recreation, it needs to provide you with good support. When you sit, your lower back will be under a lot of pressure so you need a chair that provides good lumbar support. Most chairs will also support the upper back and the arms but check very carefully how each one varies to make sure you get the best.

Look for a chair that is well-padded. If you find one with a thick quality foam or one which specifically mentions that it moulds to your shape, this is the best one to go for. Many people think that the thicker the padding, the softer the chair. This is actually incorrect and with the correct padding it will be firm enough to be supportive while having enough give to be comfortable.


Some of the most uncomfortable chairs to sit in for a long period of time have armrests which are at a 90° angle to the seat. If you allow yourself to sit and place your arms at your side, you will see that they do not naturally rest at this angle.

You need to find armrests which have a natural slope in line with the angle of your arms, and many gaming chairs are designed this way. Some even have adjustable armrests so that you can alter the height which is extremely beneficial to both taller and shorter people.

Height adjustable

Having a chair with a fixed height can prove to be a problem as it can put extra pressure on your legs. If the height of the chair means your feet don’t quite touch the ground, then gravity will act on your lower legs and this can cause muscle pain. Similarly, if you are tall and the seat is too low you will find you have to bend or cross your legs to get them comfortable.

Most chairs do have the option to adjust the height and the best way to check what you need is to find a chair in which you feel comfortable and measure from the top of the cushion to the floor.

Adjusting the height of any gaming chair is often as easy as pulling a lever.


When looking for a gaming chair always remember one thing: you will be sitting in it for a long time.

For this reason, you need to find a chair which has breathable fabric so that it will not sweat after a while. It also needs to be comfortable to sit on so you don’t really want anything which will feel abrasive.

It fabric also needs to be durable. The more you sit in it, the more it will suffer from wear and tear, so a good fabric on your chair will last you a lot longer.

Most chairs are made using faux leather or PU leather which are excellent choices for these types of chair. Beware of anything that is made of plastic as this can be very sweaty if you sit on it for a while and also some fabrics may not feel terribly comfortable on your skin after a while.

Maximum load

When you look at the gaming chair you could be forgiven for thinking that it won’t take anybody over a certain weight. The reality is that these chairs are well designed and can comfortably seat anyone who weights up to 150 kg or 23 ½ stone. It’s always worth double checking the description or simply asking the manufacturer, to make sure exactly how much the maximum load of chair you are looking at is.

Swivel and tilt

Many gaming chairs also offer the option to tilt and swivel.

If you have a chair with 360° swivel action, this simply means that the seat will turn all the way around. If you’re sitting gaming or relaxing this may not be necessary but if you are using your chair for other purposes you may find that this is very handy. If you are using it as an office chair it can sometimes very useful to turn away from your computer to work on another area of your desk.

The tilt option will tilt the back of the chair so that it is easier to relax. Most chairs have a fixed tilt which means you can lean back slightly and still feel fully supported and comfortable.

Some chairs will even offer a rocking action which allows you to relax in the same way as you would in a rocking chair.


If your chair is configured correctly for your size and shape, you may not need a foot rest but some people do enjoy being able to quite simply put their feet up.

Due to the shape of the gaming chair foot rests are generally retractable and you simply pull them out when you want to use them. When they are not in use, they are tucked neatly underneath the seat so they do not take up any unnecessary space.


While some gaming chairs offer you the option to tilt the backrest, some go that one step further and allow you to fully recline. As these chairs are already designed to provide you with the ultimate in back support, you can rest assured that if you do recline, the experience will be fully relaxing and very supportive.


You will find some gaming chairs try to offer you the ultimate support experience and even include a massage function.

The massage option generally concentrates on the areas where you might need it most, such as the neck and shoulders, the lumbar region and sometimes even the legs. There are generally controls to help you with the speed and intensity and while these cannot replace a professional massage, they can certainly help to ease the tensions of a stressful life.


If you look around you will find many gaming chairs have many options for the experienced gamer who likes to spend many hours engrossed in their favourite game.

One popular option is Bluetooth connectivity and speakers. Using Bluetooth you can connect to your games console so that you can fully experience the sounds and ambience of the game you are playing. You can also connect to your audio player if you want to listen to music or to your television if you want to lean back and enjoy a good film.


Does my chair require any assembly?

Some chairs will arrive fully assembled while others will require you to put them together. You will need to check carefully before you purchase to make sure you can carry out the necessary assembly when it arrives.

In many cases the chair will come fully assembled and all you will need to do is to place it on the base.

Does gaming chair really help you play games?

It cannot help you with actual gameplay, but it can improve your overall concentration so that you get the best experience.

Any chair which includes sound will help you to immerse yourself fully into your character. You will also find that with a chair that provides you with excellent support and is very comfortable, you will be able to maintain your concentration for longer. If you have an uncomfortable and unsupportive chair you will find your body starts to ache and you will have to take more breaks from your game.

How does a gaming chair differ from other chairs?

Many people use their normal armchair or office chair for gaming and they find they get stiff, achy and tired very quickly. This is because other chairs are not designed to give you support to make sure your muscles don’t get tired.

Gaming chairs are designed for you to sit for long periods of time so you will find they are more comfortable for any activity which means you have to sit to carry it out.


If you enjoy gaming, it’s worth investing in a well-designed gaming chair.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain. A gaming chair will have built in support for your back to help prevent any pain, and this can help you in the long term as well.

If you’re considering using the chair for your home office then make sure it has the functions you will need such as swivel action, and check out what else the chairs offer as you can probably maximise your investment by using it as a recliner or massager too.

There are many gaming chairs available and with the right research, you should be able to find the perfect fit for you to suit your budget.

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