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Best Budget Bridge Camera

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best budget bridge camera

Bridge cameras are used to fill the gap between SLRs, single-lens reflex cameras and the point-and-shoot camera.

The have a lot of the same features but they are designed differently. You can take excellent photographs and shoot HD video with these cameras.

As an added bonus, they’re easy to use and they are available for everyone’s budget.

Best Budget Bridge Camera: Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. Kodak AZ252 Astro Zoom Bridge Camera

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This bridge camera from Kodak is a great place to start.

The zoom goes to 25x and it is optical so you will get better detail for distance shots, and it features 16MP for clearer images. It also has a wider lens so you can capture a whole family group much easier.

For days when there is less light, or if you cannot hold the camera steady, it has Optical Image Stabilisation to make sure that you lose none of the details or clarity for your image. You can also record video at the touch of a button so you can capture those important moments as they happen.

There is a clear 3” LCD screen to help you frame any image, or review your previous photographs. It also has a flash which folds neatly in to the camera when not in use.

Key Features
  • 16MP
  • 25 x optical zoom
  • 3” LCD screen
  • 24mm lens
  • Records video
  • Optical Image Stabilisation


Kodak has a good reputation for camera design and this is no exception. It has all the features you need to take crisp, clear photographs and you can zoom in quickly and easily to any subject.

2. Praktica Luxmedia Z35 Bridge Camera

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Another easy to use bridge camera, the Praktica Luxmedia is well designed to help you create your memories forever.

It has a 16mp CMOS sensor and a 35mm optical zoom. This will give you lovely clear photographs whether your subject is close to you or farther away. You can also choose from 26 creative modes, so if you are shooting in low light, you can find the best mode for your shot.

The camera also records video and this includes a microphone and a speaker, so you can record events and listen to the playback as well. The camera features auto focus, so you can keep your hands free to concentrate on the photograph, and a 3” screen is big enough for you to check your work as you go.

For low light or shaky hands, it features Optical Image Stabilisation and for added stability there is a connection for a tripod.

There are two connections, a USB and micro USB, which can be used for charging the camera or for transferring photos to another device.

Key Features
  • 16MP CMOS sensor
  • 35 x optical zoom
  • Records video
  • Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Auto focus
  • Can be mounted on a tripod
  • USB and micro USB connections


We love how this Praktica bridge camera can also turn in to a video camera, complete with sound, at the touch of a button. For long days, you can also mount it on a tripod so you don’t have to hold it.

3. Kodak PIXPRO FZ201 Bridge Camera

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Another good camera from Kodak, which has plenty of options

The optical zoom is 20x and with the 16mp CMOS sensor, every picture you take will show the best detail. It also has Optical Image Stabilisation to help with any little shakes or poor light.

If you have a landscape scene then the lens is 25mm wide and with auto-focus you just have to aim and the camera will do the rest.

It can also record video so you can capture anything in real time and view it on the LCD screen. This is also useful for reviewing your work, to help you keep only the best photographs.

It has a USB connection so you can connect it to another device to download and store the photographs, or charge it up.

Key Features
  • 16MP CMOS sensor
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilisation
  • 25mm wide lens
  • HD video
  • Auto focus
  • 3” LCD screen
  • USB connection


If you want a bridge camera which ticks all the boxes, then this is the one for you. The wide lens, 20x zoom and OIS, make it very easy for you to get some excellent photographs. You can even capture special moments on video without having to waste time setting the camera.

4. Panasonic LUMIX DC-FZ82EB-K Digital Bridge Camera

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Whatever you use this Panasonic bridge camera for, we’re sure you’ll get good results.

It has a 60x optical zoom, so you can really bring objects in close to get their full detail. The lens can be 1200mm wide, so you are guaranteed to get the best landscape shots and nothing will be missed off. You also don’t need to worry about focussing, as this has a post focus option. You can take a photograph as soon as it happens, and tidy it up later.

It has a 3.2 cm screen, so you can line up your shots or scroll through them, and you can also use it to view the video you can record. It has an ergonomic grip which helps you hold it steadier and causes less strain as well.

The camera has a USB connector which can be used to charge it or for transferring your images to a different device.

Key Features
  • 2cm screen
  • 60x optical zoom
  • 4K video
  • Post focus
  • USB connection
  • 20-1200mm lens


This is a wonderful camera to take away with you, as it takes clear photos, and has options to help you tidy them after you have taken them as well. The ultra-wide lens is perfect for travellers too, as you can take some outstanding shots of panoramic scenery.

5. Sony DSC-HX350 Digital Compact Bridge Camera

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This Sony Compact Bridge Camera is another favourite.

You can be sure of getting the clearest photographs as this has a 20.4 CMOS sensor, and up to 50x optical zoom. The zoom can be set manually and is very easy to get the right level for your photographs. Optical SteadyShot will help you capture everything more clearly if you’re shooting in bad light or if your hands are not steady.

You can record HD video, and the 3” screen can be tilted to make it easier for you to view videos or photographs, so you can check your work as you go.

Key Features
  • 3” screen
  • 4MP
  • 50x optical zoom
  • Records HD video
  • Optical SteadyShot
  • Tiltable screen


This camera makes taking photographs so effortless, we had to include it. The zoom brings everything close so you can see the details and with HD video, you can keep all your memories in one place.

6. Nikon B500 Coolpix Digital Compact Camera

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This compact camera, is sure to prove popular.

The Nikon B500 is 16mp and has up to 40x optical zoom. This mean you can get excellent clarity and detail whether close to your subject or further away. It even comes with 7.4 fps continuous shooting, so you can take excellent action shots too.

The LCD screen tilts so you can check different viewpoints and with Optical Image Stabilisation, you can be confident of the best shots anywhere. You can also use this for video.

It has wi-fi connectivity so you can connect to your phone or tablet to transfer your files quickly.

Key Features
  • 16mp
  • 40x optical zoom
  • 3” tilting LCD screen
  • 4 fps continuous shooting
  • Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Snap-back zoom button
  • Wi-fi connection


If you like action shots, then this camera is ideal. With 7.4 fps you won’t miss anything, or simply use the video function to record it. The tiltable screen ensures you can find the right angles and with an impressive zoom, you can get the best from every subject you choose.

7. Canon PowerHost SX430 IS Digital Compact Camera

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Create perfect photographs with this Canon PowerShot Digital Compact camera.

It has many different creative modes so you can experiment before you take your shot, and with 45x optical zoom you can see every detail of objects which are far away with a simple touch of a button. It also comes with an image stabiliser so if any of your images are a little fuzzy, it will help to sharpen up the detail.

You can record HD video and the ergonomic design of the camera helps you to hold it steadier so that your video is as clear as your photographs.

It has a 3” display screen so you can use it to organise your photographs or frame your shot and it also has a Wi-Fi connection so you can transfer your photos and videos to your other devices.

Key Features
  • 3” screen
  • 45x optical zoom
  • Creative modes
  • HD video
  • Wi-fi connection


The ergonomic design of this camera not only makes it look good, but makes it far easier to operate. If you have poor lighting or want to try something different, you can simply use one of the creative modes or if you prefer, just press record to shoot the perfect video.

8. Canon SX540 HS PowerShot Camera

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This bridge camera from Canon takes the effort out of creating your photographs.

It will shoot any subject in the foreground in the sharpest detail, or you can use the 50x optical zoom to focus on any object in the distance and you will see it clearly. You can even take landscape shots with the 24 mm wide-angle lens.

If you enjoy action shots or spending time with your family, it has 5.9 FPS for continuous shooting or you can create video memories too in full HD. There is also an advanced dynamic image stabiliser to make sure that every photograph is crystal clear, even in poor light or if your hand is not quite steady.

This camera, however, is very easy to hold with an ergonomic design to take the pressure off your hands and wrists.

To store your photographs, simply use the Wi-Fi connection to save them on your tablet, laptop or online.

Key Features
  • 3 MP
  • 50x optical zoom
  • 3” screen
  • HD video
  • 24 mm wide-angle
  • 9 FPS
  • Advanced dynamic image stabiliser
  • Wi-Fi connection


This sleek camera from Canon captures video and photographs effortlessly and easily. It will take action shots, distance shots and landscape shots all in the same excellent detail.

9. Sony DSCH300 Digital Compact Bridge Camera

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Another excellent bridge camera from Sony which is both stylish and easy to use.

You can bring distance shots in to view with the 35x optical zoom, or get close to capture the detail with 20.1 MP. Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation helps reduce any fuzziness, whether caused by poor light or unsteady hands, and you can experiment and try out the different creative effects which are included.

Another great feature from this camera is the option to take 360° panoramic shots. Simply press the button for sweep panorama and watch as it adds every frame to create an outstanding panoramic view.

Video can be shot in full HD and any noise distortion will be kept to a minimum. You can use the 3” screen to check your videos and photographs to choose which ones you prefer to keep.

Key Features
  • 35x optical zoom
  • 1MP
  • HD video
  • 3 inch screen
  • 360° panorama
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation


What really makes this camera stand out from the rest is the option to create a panoramic view. With many other features, including SteadyShot and an impressive optical zoom you can enjoy your photography every time you go out.

10. Nikon B500 Coolpix Digital Compact Camera

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This choice from Nikon is in a lovely plum colour.

It not only looks good, but your photographs and video will too. It has optical image stabilisation and 16 MP so you can get crystal clear photographs even when conditions are not perfect. For distance shots, the 40x optical zoom not only highlights details but is wider so you can get more into the shot.

The LCD screen tilts so you can experiment with different viewpoints, or you can hit record to capture any moment in full HD video.

The Wi-Fi connection makes very easy to transfer your files to another device or send them straight to the Internet.

Key Features
  • 16 MP
  • 40x wide optical zoom
  • 3” tiltable screen
  • Snapback zoom button
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • HD video
  • 4 FPS continuous shooting
  • Wi-Fi


This is a versatile camera and whether you’re looking for quality video or high detailed photographs, it makes it very simple for you to set up and take the shot. The controls are very easy to use and you can even experiment with the tilting screen to make sure you get the perfect angle for every shot.

Buyers Guide: What You Need To Know

Bridge cameras ‘bridge’ the gap between a DSLR and a point-to-shoot camera. Anyone who is passionate about photography will want to make sure they have the right camera for every shot, and a bridge camera is ideal for those shots when other cameras just won’t do.

Bridge cameras do resemble DSLR ones but they operate differently.

  • You cannot remove the lens on a bridge camera
  • The focus isn’t as quick
  • Viewfinders on bridge cameras are electronic, not optical.

What do you need it for?

You know you need it to take photographs which your other cameras won’t manage so well, but there are some other considerations.

  • Will you need new software or can you use your existing package?
  • Will you need a new memory card?
  • Will you need a new bag to carry it?

Questions like this show just how important it is to research bridge cameras, or you may end up spending a lot more on accessories than you have budgeted for.


It really goes without saying that image quality is all important, and this is something you should check before you buy any camera.

One feature many of us need is image stabilisation, as it’s not always possible to hold the camera perfectly still. Bridge cameras do offer this as an option.


For a bridge camera, you will be looking for a CCD or CMOS sensor.

  • CCD sensor: This is generally used in basic bridge cameras.
  • CMOS sensor: These are larger and similar to sensors used in DSLR cameras

When looking at the quality of the image, bridge cameras tend to range from a 6 megapixel rating to over 20.


Obviously, the better the camera, the better the lens and the zoom lenses used in bridge cameras are improving all the time. You will find you can choose between two zoom options: digital or optical.

  • Digital zoom: this doesn’t actually zoom, and instead uses technology to make the subject of the photograph appear closer. The result is that the image is not always clear.
  • Optical zoom: this is the better option for crystal clear images, as it physically zooms to give you better image quality.

Some bridge cameras will offer a super zoom of up to 50x, so they are still powerful cameras.


It’s always important to be able to line up your shots perfectly, which is why most bridge cameras have a screen. You can also use it to check any photographs you have already taken, so you can discard any which aren’t right. This helps you keep the memory free for other shots.

Screens are usually around 3 inches and are either LCD or TFT, which is big enough for you to frame your shot just where you want it. You can also get bridge cameras which have tilting screens or ones which swivel 360°. This really gives you a lot of options and great versatility.

Light plays a big part in photography, but too much light, such as direct sunlight, can make it impossible to get a good photograph. Bridge cameras often include EVF, electronic viewfinder, which makes shots easier to line up in bright sunlight.


After a day out shooting, it’s not always easy to remember exactly where every photograph was taken. If you have a camera with geo-tagging, it will tag the location of every photograph for you. Check your camera, though, to find out what method it uses.

  • Some cameras come with GPS so they will record the details as you go along.
  • Wi-fi. Others will use wi-fi to connect to your phone. This then uses the GPS on your phone, and also helps you transfer photos across.

Burst rate

Many photographers like a fast burst rate but if you’re not going to use this feature, you won’t need it. If you photograph sporting events or wildlife, you’ll need a higher burst rate than if you are taking family portraits.

Bridge cameras will have a different fps, frame per second, rating, so if you know you’ll want fast, action shots, get a camera with a higher fps.


For many of us, size isn’t too important, but if you plan on a day’s photography, you will need to consider all the equipment you will need.

Bridge cameras are very similar in size and shape to DSLR cameras, but you can also get compact designs. These are often easier to carry with your other cameras, and they still have the same functionality as a larger camera.


Many bridge cameras will also record video for you, but check to see if there are any restrictions on this, such as how long you can record for and whether noise optimisation is included.


Why can’t I just use a DSLR?

Many of the features of a bridge camera are also found on DSLR but they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Lenses on DSLR cameras can be changed but they are fixed on bridge cameras. This does mean you don’t have to keep changing the lens on a bridge camera or carry lenses with you.
  • Zoom facilities tend to be better on DSLR but bridge cameras are improving all the time.
  • Bridge cameras are far easier to use than DSLR.
  • The optical sensor on DSLR cameras is generally better than on a bridge camera.
  • Bridge cameras are cheaper than DSLR so if you need a reliable camera on a budget, it is a good choice.


Bridge cameras are great cameras for all photographers, but if you’re new to photography, they are a great all round choice.

They may not be quite as clear as DSLR if you zoom in, but for most people the detail you get is plenty.

These cameras are very easy to set up and use and many of the features can be changed with one button. When it comes to equipment, all you need is the camera. There’s no need to carry around extra lenses and they connect to your phone or tablet so you can store your photographs and videos safely.

For the budget conscious, they really will bridge the gap and give you a reliable camera too.

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