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Best Budget Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

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best budget bean to cup coffee machine

Making the perfect cup of fresh coffee is as easy as buying a bean to cup coffee machine. These machines have settings for all coffee lovers, whether you’re enjoy an Espresso or love a Latte.

They grind fresh coffee beans and heat water to the optimum temperature, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without one. Here are 10 excellent machines which you may want to consider.

Best Budget Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. Morphy Richards 162100 bean to cup grind and brew coffee machine

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Our first choice this is bean to cup machine from Morphy Richards. This has great settings for anyone new to this type of machine or if you are simply looking to update your existing one.

This compact machine has an illuminated LCD display, and can be used with both beans or pre-ground coffee. It has a permanent filter so there is no need to buy or keep changing filter papers and this also helps to reduce any waste.

It can make 2 cups at one time so it is a great choice for any couple and it also has a keep warm function which lasts 30 minutes, so you can enjoy a 2nd cup in the morning.

It also has a timer function so it can be set you to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or have one ready for you when you get home from work in the evening.

Key Features
  • Integrated bean grinder
  • Clear LCD display
  • Use with beans or pre-ground coffee
  • Timer function
  • 2 cup capacity
  • 30 minute keep warm function
  • Fresh coffee in just seven minutes


This compact machine has plenty of functionality and has many features you will love. The timer is a nice idea so you can concentrate on getting ready in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee being prepared for you in the kitchen.

2. Tower bean to cup filter coffee maker

tower bean to cup coffee machine

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This bean to cup coffee maker from Tower is a great choice if you like your coffee in a hurry. It has a 900 W motor so you don’t have to wait for your coffee and a 600 ml water tank so you can enjoy more than one cup.

It even has a carafe with an indicator so you can see how many cups are left.

You can set it to grind the beans finely or coarsely or you can also use coffee powder, and it is easy to set with just one button to operate.

Key Features
  • Coarse and fine grinding options
  • 600 mill water tank
  • Quick brew
  • Carafe with indicator


This machine may not have many features but it still makes a great fresh cup of coffee. It is a good choice for anyone looking for their first coffee machine, but anyone will find it quick and easy to use.

3. Cuisinart DGB1U One Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

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This bean to cup coffee machine from Cuisinart makes a perfect cup, or mug, every time.

It has an adjustable drip tray so you can set it for a mug, cup or travel cup to minimise drips and take your coffee with you when you set off for work.

It automatically grinds the beans for you, selecting just the right coarseness for you to get the full benefit of the flavour. It then brews them to make a great cup of coffee.

You just need to add water and beans and the machine will do the rest.

Key Features
  • Makes one cup
  • Height adjustable drip tray
  • Automatic filter


A nice, easy to use machine from Cuisinart, it will automatically detect the correct coarseness for you so you don’t have to guess. This makes a perfect cup and you can even use it to brew coffee to take with you when you travel.

4. Lakeland Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

lakeland bean to cup coffee machine

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The Lakeland bean to cup coffee machine makes up to 4 cups of coffee.

It has an easy to see touch screen to control it and you can make your brew in two different strengths. If you enjoy more than one cup, it will keep warm for up to 30 minutes so you don’t have to keep making a fresh pot.

It is a compact machine so it is ideal for a smaller kitchen, and it has a built-in filter so you don’t have to worry about filter papers or disposing of them.

Key Features
  • Keep warm function
  • Compact
  • Touch screen control
  • Makes 2 different strengths
  • Makes up to 4 cups of coffee
  • Built-in filter


If you don’t have much space then this coffee machine from Lakeland is perfect. It is compact, but still makes up to 4 cups of coffee, and these won’t go to waste as it will keep them warm for up to 30 minutes.

5. EspressoWorks 7 Piece all in one Espresso & Cappucino Maker

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This coffee maker is for everyone who’s serious about their coffee and makes you the perfect brew in just 45 seconds.

It also comes with many features to help you make your favourite Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte or any other blend you prefer.

It comes with a built-in steamer to froth the milk, and a stainless steel cup for the milk to sit in. It also includes two coffee cups, to get you started.

It has a heating tray to keep the coffee warm, and can add one or two shots of coffee to your cup as well. The drip tray is removable so the machine is easy to clean and with a 1.25l water tank, you’ll get plenty of cups.

Key Features
  • Frothing cup
  • Spoon with tamper
  • Brews in just 45 seconds
  • Double or single shots
  • 25L capacity water tank
  • Easy to clean


This machine is for serious coffee drinkers. It has many features to help you brew the best tasting cup of coffee, whether you want to add frothy milk or an extra shot of coffee. It does take up a little more room than some machines, but we’re sure you’ll find it worthwhile.

6. De’Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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Whatever your preferred blend, this machine from De’Longhi will help you make it in no time at all.

It has touch controls so you can set the aroma level and length of brew to get the exact strength you want and it has 13 different settings altogether.

It has a detachable milk carafe and a milk frother to help you make milkier coffees, such as a latte, and when not in use this carafe can be stored in the fridge.

For those who like their coffee in a warm cup, there is a cup warmer so you can heat them while you set the machine up. The parts can all be removed and are dishwasher safe so it’s easy to keep clean too.

Key Features
  • Customise to get the blend you want
  • Automatic milk menu
  • Removable milk carafe
  • Easy to clean
  • Cup warmer
  • Touch controls


This bean to cup maker offers a little extra so you can froth milk as you need it and also warm your cups before you use them. With 13 different settings, this will make excellent coffee for everyone with the minimum of fuss.

7. Andrew James Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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If you want a hassle free way of making coffee, then this machine from Andrew James could be the answer.

It makes up to 12 cups so there is plenty for the whole family, or you can take it in to the office to use there. It has a timer which you can set for up to 24 hours, so you can time it to have a fresh cup waiting for you in the morning.

It also keeps it warm for up to 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a little late.

There is the option to set  exactly how coarse or fine you want the beans ground or if you want to use filter coffee, you can do that too.

You don’t have to spend money on filters either, as this comes with a reusable mesh filter which is also easy to keep clean.

Key Features
  • 24 hour Timer function
  • 30 minute Keep warm function
  • LED display panel
  • 12 cup capacity
  • Adjustable coarseness setting
  • Washable filter


This is a great coffee machine for the home or the office as it makes up to 12 cups, and even keeps them warm. The timer function means you can pre-set it so you can come home to a fresh cup of coffee and it is easy to use and easy to clean.

8. SCOTT UK Slimissimo Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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This elegant and slim bean to cup coffee machine from Scott UK comes highly recommended.

It will suit smaller kitchens and has many useful features for its size. It has a clear LED panel with touch operation, so you can start it easily.

There are 5 different settings on the grinder, so you can set it to coarse, or grind the beans as finely as you want them.

If you like your coffee made the same way, and who doesn’t, it will also remember your settings, making it easier for you to use.

The spout is adjustable so it will fit any cup or mug, and it holds up to 1.1l of water.

Key Features
  • LED panel with touch operation
  • Slim design
  • 5 grind settings
  • Height adjustable spout
  • Memory function
  • 1 L water capacity


This is a very nice looking machine which suits a smaller kitchen or one person, but despite its size it still has good functionality. With 5 different grind settings and a memory function, it makes it very easy for you to enjoy your coffee whenever you need one.

9. De’Longhi Scultura Traditional Coffee Maker

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Another good machine from De’Longhi, this machine has just 3 buttons to operate it.

It has a manual milk frother so you can make your favourite milky coffee, or if you prefer something stronger, there is room for two cappuccino cups.

It has a cup warmer so you never need to pour your coffee in to a cold cup, and it is easy to clean with a removable drip tray which is dishwasher safe.

Key Features
  • Milk frother
  • Easy to operate
  • Holds 2 cappuccino cups
  • Cup warmer


This is a little larger than some coffee makers but it has good features. With a milk frother and cup warmer, you can personalise it to make your favourite brew every time.

10. Cuisinart DGB650BCU Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

cuisinart dgb650bcu review

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Cuisinart have designed this coffee maker for those who regularly enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

It has a 10 cup capacity, and the carafe is double walled insulated so it will keep your coffee warm for hours. You can choose how fine you want the beans ground or turn the function off if you prefer to use powder.

There is a timer function so you can wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee and a warm cup ready for you. You can programme it using pre-set brewing times and it is easy to keep it clean.

Key Features
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Use with or without grinder
  • Timer function
  • Fully programmable
  • Insulated carafe


If you like coffee, you’ll love this machine. With the capacity to make 10 cups, it will then keep them warm so you can enjoy your coffee throughout the day.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For

If you enjoy coffee, then you need to get the best machine for you so that you can enjoy a relaxing drink whenever you need to. Not all machines are the same so here is a guide to the options you need to check out.

Types of machine

There are a few different types of coffee machine available, and for someone who truly appreciates coffee, a bean to cup machine is probably the best option. Let’s just compare it to the others.

  • Capsule / Pod. These machines use pre-prepared pods and capsules. You just put one in the machine and it drains through and makes the drink. You can be limited as to which drinks you can enjoy though, as the pods are not interchangeable between different brands. They also have little functionality regarding strength so you will have to take what comes.
  • Bean to cup: These are a great way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anytime. You add fresh coffee beans, and the machine grinds them up so you really do get a freshly ground cup of coffee. They are easy to use and you can control the strength of every drink. They are more expensive than pod machines, but over the course of the year they work out cheaper than regular trips to your local coffee shop.
  • Ground coffee: These are the types of machine you see in coffee shops and restaurants. They use ready ground coffee, but they are much larger then bean to cup machines. They are also harder to set up correctly and it may take you a lot of practice to perfect your drink. They also involve a lot more preparation and a lot more cleaning.

Bean to cup machines are noisy as they grind the beans and they can take up a little more space, but if you really enjoy a regular cup of coffee, then they are certainly worth the investment.


These are not the smallest machines, so don’t be tempted by one with lots of features, only to find it takes up too much room in your kitchen.

Machines are available for all spaces, and there will be one which has the best functionality for you, as well as being the right size.

Milk frothing

If you like a lot of milk, or prefer cappuccinos and lattes, then you will need a way to froth the milk. There are different options for this.

  • Automatic frothing: Bean to cup machines often have this function and it froths the milk for you in to a separate jug. You then simply add this to your drink.
  • Steam wand: A steam wand is used in a jug and you have to froth this yourself. It adds a burst of steam to the milk to froth it and this is then added to the drink.
  • Separate milk frother: You can also buy your own milk frother so you can froth this while the machine makes your drink.


As you are aware, we all like our coffee made a slightly different way and that’s where a bean to cup machine will become indispensable. It has various settings to help you get the right mix and blend. These include:

  • How coarse or fine the beans are ground.
  • Variable valve pressure.
  • Automatic tamping

Having set it once, you don’t want to have to go through it all again for your next cup. Some machines have the option to store your settings so all you have to do is press a button and wait for it to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Some machines also have a timer setting so you can wake up the morning to the smell of coffee and a fresh brew waiting.

Water capacity

This is one to look out for if you drink a lot of coffee. Try to get a bigger tank if you can or you will find you spend a lot of time filling it up with water. You can get bean to cup coffee machines which can make enough for several cups in one go.


You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your machine, so look for one which is easy to maintain. If you don’t it may get clogged and you won’t enjoy your coffee.

Many machines have parts which can be removed so they can be cleaned, and check if you want to put them in a dishwasher.

Multiple drinks

If you and your partner both enjoy coffee, you can get bean to cup machines which make more than one drink at the same time. This means neither of you has to wait for their morning drink. You can also use them in a small office.

Set up process

Many bean to cup machines come with a touchscreen and this is a very quick and easy way to set it. You will find that all machines have a very easy process.


How much does my coffee cost in a bean to cup machine?

Although the cost of a bean to cup machine might seem a lot, if you regularly buy coffee from a coffee shop, you will make quite a saving over time.

Depending on your choice of beans, a cup of coffee made in a bean to cup machine will be a fraction of what you would pay in a coffee shop.

Over time, it could be a considerable saving and you’ll always have fresh coffee to hand.

Can I control my bean to cup machine with my phone?

That will depend on the machine you have but some do have the option to download an app to set the machine while you are getting dressed, so you can enjoy that fresh coffee as soon as you get to the kitchen.


There’s no doubt that bean to cup coffee machines make life a lot easier for those who appreciate good coffee. As more people develop a taste for the different blends, our annual coffee bill is going up all the time.

A bean to cup machine can be seen as an investment: the more you use it, the more you will save. They can cost £200 or more, so at face value they many not seem like good value for money, particularly as you then have to buy the coffee on top. Work out how much you spend in coffee shops in a week, and you’ll soon see how much you could save.

The machines currently available are changing all the time and it’s now easy to find them with built in milk frothers and timers, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning without having to do anything.

The great thing about these machines Is that you are not tied down to certain makes or blends, and you can truly experiment to find something you really enjoy.

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