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Best Budget BBQ

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best budget bbq

Nothing suggests summer then the smell of a BBQ outside. Food cooked on a BBQ has a taste which is like nothing else, and it’s so easy to cook your own.

There are BBQs available in different sizes and you can choose whether to use charcoal, gas or even electric.

If you want to know more about BBQs and what you should get, read on for some reviews on BBQs we love and a handy guide to help you choose one.

Best Budget BBQ: Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ

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Kickstart summer with this charcoal BBQ from Weber.

No matter what you cook, you can get the perfect result with that lovely BBQ flavour. The grate is triple plated So it will last longer and foods will cook better. It has a lid with vent so you can cover the food to cook it, but at the same time the smoke will vent out of the top. The handle has a heat shield so you don’t have to worry about using a cloth to take it off. When not in use, the lid can rest at the side of the BBQ on a special hook.

When you’ve finished, just brush the ash out of the ash catcher, which is rust free. The wheels mean you can use it in different areas of your garden, or move it to the shed or garage for storage in winter.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • 47cm
  • Ash collector
  • Wheeled
  • Lid with handle


This BBQ creates the perfect atmosphere for a summer BBQ. The grill will cook all foods and the lid means you can keep food warm, or protect it if it starts to rain.


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This BBQ from UTTORA is great if you like to have a BBQ on the beach or while camping.

It folds down in to a neat carrying size so you can put it in the boot and take it everywhere with you. When you arrive, it is simple to put together so you just need to add charcoal and wait for it to heat up.

It is made from stainless steel which is both rust proof and heat resistant, and the grill is perfect for cooking fish, meat or kebabs.

Key Features
  • Stainless Steel
  • Charcoal
  • Foldable and portable


We love how portable this BBQ is. You can use it at home, to enjoy cooking for the family or when you go out for the day. It is simple to use and it cooks everything so it tastes just right.

3. BillyOh Charcoal BBQ Grill

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BillyOh have designed this BBQ for you to cook for family and friends as it has a large cooking area.

It has wheels so you can move it around the garden or wheel it in the garage for the winter. It has a lid with a vented chimney, so you can keep food warm without having to worry about it filling with smoke. It even has a built in thermometer so you can check the temperature as you cook to make sure everything is done before you serve it.

There is also a handy side table which clips to the side of the BBQ, and this can be used for condiments or plates. There is a shelf at the bottom which can be used to store things as well.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • With wheels
  • Includes side table
  • Lid with vented chimney
  • Thermometer


A great choice if you enjoy summer BBQs with friends, as it has a large cooking area and 2 places to store condiments, utensils and plates. For the winter, you can simply wheel it under cover.

4. Tepro 1066 Vista Charcoal Funnel BBQ

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This funnel design BBQ has a design to get your guests talking.

The base of the BBQ is shaped like a chimney, which helps to funnel the heat upwards to the grill. The grill can be adjusted to you can use it to cook food, or keep it warm and there are heat resistant handles on the side to help you alter it without being burnt.

There is an ash collector to help you clean it, and it will give you BBQ food just as you like it.

Key Features
  • Adjustable grill
  • Ash collector
  • Funnel design
  • Charcoal


For a BBQ with a difference, this Funnel BBQ will be a talking point every time you use it. The heat is channelled to the grill, which you can alter to make sure your food is perfectly cooked.

5. Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ

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The Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ is another portable BBQ for you to enjoy anywhere.

It is a kettle BBQ, and it is a convenient size to put in the boot for camping trips or family holidays. It has a lid lock to make sure the lid doesn’t fall off when it is being transported so your BBQ arrives intact.

It is suitable to feed a family and has a lid to give your food a genuine smoky flavour, but also a vent to help smoke escape. There are air vents which help the heat to circulate, and the handle has a heat shield and is also weatherproof.

The design is rust proof for a BBQ which will last.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • Portable
  • Ash collector
  • Lid Lock
  • Aluminium air vents
  • Handle with protective heat shield


Although this does not fold down, this is a nice size to go in the car so you can enjoy BBQs on the beach or while camping. The air vents help to fuel the heat so everything you cook will be done to perfection.

6. Cast Iron BBQ

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This Cast Iron BBQ is very stylish and built to last.

The design is solid and the cooking grill is adjustable so you can warm food or cook it on a higher heat. The grill is in a grid, so you can food fish, meat or vegetables without worrying about them falling through. There is an air vent to control the heat so you can get a more even temperature.

There are large heat resistant carrying handles so it can be moved or stored somewhere safe for winter.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • Cast iron
  • Adjustable cooking grill
  • Air vent


This BBQ isn’t as portable as some, but it is very stylish and it will cook food well. The grill is designed for cooking all food, and is height adjustable to help you get the right temperature.

7. George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ

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This BBQ from George Foreman is great fun as you can use it inside the house as well as out.

It is an electric BBQ, so you will need a socket to use it, but it creates less smoke. It will hold up to 15 different food items at once so it’s great to feed the whole family.

The plates are non-stick and can be removed for cleaning. They also slope so that any fat which comes out of the food will drain under the grill in to a drip tray.

Being electric, it has a temperature control which can be varied and it will maintain the temperature too.

Key Features
  • Electric
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Non stick plates
  • Angled to drain grease
  • Temperature control


You can bring summer inside with this electric BBQ, so even if it’s raining, you can still have your BBQ as a family. It is easy to control the temperature and easy to clean.

8. Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go Portable BBQ

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This BBQ from Char-Broil is gas powered and needs a propane cylinder.

It is small enough to carry with you on camping trips or family days out and it has a latch on the lid to keep it secure if being carried.

It has a push button ignition button and uses an Infrared cooking system. This makes food juicier and also uses less gas. The cooking grate is stainless steel and will hold up to 12 burgers, so you can feed the family or invite friends over.

There is a temperature gauge on the lid so you can keep things at an even temperature, and there is a removable drip tray to catch any grease.

Key Features
  • Infrared technology
  • Electronic igniter
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Gas BBQ
  • Stainless Steel cooking grate


This looks like a small BBQ but it has plenty of room to feed family and friends. Easy to use, it can be connected to a gas cylinder and can be taken anywhere or used in the garden at home.

9. U-MISS Portable BBQ

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For BBQs on the beach, why not try this portable BBQ from U-MISS?

It uses charcoal to cook the food and includes ventilation to help fan the heat. The grill is big enough to cook for friends and is also designed to stop food from falling through it.

The BBQ folds down easily in to a handy carry size, so you can take it on holiday with you or simply set up for a BBQ picnic anywhere you go.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • Foldable and portable
  • Scratch resistant


A simple BBQ which gets good results. Simply fold it down to carry with you and unfold it when you arrive to enjoy freshly cooked food.

10. TecTake BBQ

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This final BBQ uses charcoal and is designed to make your outdoor cooking easy.

It has a lid with a chimney so you can smoke the food, but also allow excess smoke to escape through a chimney on the top. There is also a thermometer so you can check the temperature of the food to ensure it is cooked all the way through.

This BBQ has a side table and a storage shelf at the bottom, so you can keep your cooking utensils, plates and condiments handy and you don’t need additional tables.

Key Features
  • Charcoal
  • Heat indicator
  • Lid with chimney
  • Side table
  • Storage shelf


This BBQ has a lid, a good sized grill and 2 shelves to store everything you need while you are cooking. The thermometer means you can serve your food with confidence and when not in use, it can be wheeled in to a safe place.

Buyers Guide: What To Look For

Many of us enjoy a summer BBQ, but there are now many different types available. Before you buy, there are so many things to consider so we’ll look at some of the options available to you.


BBQs have developed a lot over the last few years, and they now come in different sizes and they use different power.

  • Charcoal

This is what most people think of when they consider a BBQ and it’s charcoal which gives a BBQ the special smell. It also gives the food the real flavour of a BBQ.

As the name suggests, you need charcoal to fuel this BBQ, and you can get BBQ charcoal or briquettes in most supermarkets or DIY shops in the summer. The one disadvantage of a charcoal BBQ is that you do need to allow the coals time to heat up properly before you can cook on them. This can take 30-45 minutes. You may also need to allow a little extra cooking time, as charcoal does not maintain an exact temperature.

  • Gas

Gas BBQs are becoming more popular and these use a gas cylinder to power them. They are more expensive than a charcoal BBQ, but if you like cooking outdoors in the summer then it’s worth investing in one.

They don’t need to be left long to reach cooking temperature, and they are much easier to control. Some gas BBQs even have more than one burner to give you more choices of what you can cook.

  • Portable BBQ

These are great fun if you like camping or heading out for a BBQ on the beach.

These are smaller BBQs which can be carried in the boot of the car, and these often use charcoal, but you can get smaller electric models too. The big disadvantage to this, is you will need power for these.

Adjustable grill

This can be very useful as you can choose how much heat your food has. If you just want to keep it warm you can raise the grill or if it needs more heat, you can lower it.

You can also get BBQs with a warming rack, which is very useful if you’re cooking for a group of people.

Size of grill

When you consider a BBQ, think how many people you are likely to be cooking for. It’s very tempting to get the biggest you can find, but you may not need it and you could save money by purchasing a smaller BBQ.

  • Cooking for 2-4 people – cooking area 1800 cm2
  • Cooking for 6 people – cooking area 2000cm2
  • Cooking for 8 people – cooking area 2500cm2


If you clean your BBQ after every use, it will keep longer and it will take less cleaning than if you leave the food to dry on to the grill.

  • The grill should be removed when cold and scrubbed to get rid of any bits of food. Then clean it with soap and water and leave to dry properly.
  • If you have a charcoal BBQ, the ashes should be removed, but you don’t have to do this every time you use it. Simply brush them out to get rid of them.
  • Every now and then, completely empty the BBQ and clean it properly. You can use oven cleaner if you need to.
  • If you have a gas BBQ, wipe the burners with soapy water after use. Oven cleaner can be too abrasive.


You will also need to consider where your BBQ will be kept during the winter. Many people with a charcoal BBQ leave these out and put a cover over them. If you have a gas BBQ, then you will need to store it in a shed or garage so it doesn’t get damaged.


BBQs come with many other features, some of which you’ll need and some you’ll simply want.

  • Wheels: If you have somewhere dry to keep your BBQ, you can get one on wheels so it’s easy to get out when it’s sunny, and you can just wheel it back in when you’ve finished.
  • Shelves: A BBQ with shelves makes it so much easier, as you don’t need extra tables. You can store plates, cutlery and condiments all in the same place.
  • Hoods: A hood on the BBQ can help to keep everything warm and keep the heat in to help cook the food. If you get one with a chimney, then the smoke will escape as well.
  • Ash Collection: Cleaning up after a BBQ isn’t the nicest chore, but if you get a BBQ with an ash collection tray, it can make it a lot easier.


Once you have your BBQ, you may want to get a few accessories for it as well.

  • Tools: Some BBQs come with a rack where you can hang your cooking utensils and you may want to get tongs, spatula and a fish slice which you use only with the BBQ.
  • Skewers: A skewer makes it so much easier to cook kebabs, otherwise you might find they fall through the grill.
  • Thermometer: Every year, there are cases of food poisoning because food is not correctly cooked on a BBQ. If you have a food thermometer you will be able to check that everything you cook is at the right temperature.


What can I cook in my BBQ?

BBQs can cook meat, fish, vegetables and meat substitutes such as tofu. You can even do baked potatoes, but always make sure that everything you cook is cooked thoroughly. Just be sure to get a grill with the smallest grid you can to prevent food from falling in to the charcoal.

Do I need to precook my food?

Some people like to do this as they spend less time at the BBQ, but you can cook your food from fresh as well. If you do precook your food, you must do it properly or you run the risk of food poisoning. The safest method would be to put it on the BBQ while it is still hot.

Can I use lighter fuels to get the BBQ started?

The best way to heat a charcoal BBQ is slowly. It does take time to get it started, but when you do, it’s worth it.

You can use lighter fuels, and some stores will sell this, but using any flammable liquid can be dangerous. Whatever you do, never use petrol on your BBQ, as this is highly flammable and you could set fire to more than the charcoal.

Can I use a BBQ anywhere?

Most places will allow you to cook using a BBQ, but if you are on a campsite or beach, check that there are no signs prohibiting them.

As long as you use them safely, there shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are using them while camping be aware of your surroundings. In dry weather it will be very easy for foliage to catch fire, so make sure you take precautions to prevent this.


With so many options available, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy a summer BBQ.

Modern designs mean you can enjoy a BBQ anywhere, including in the home. Portable ones are fantastic for taking on camping or caravan trips, as the whole family will enjoy helping with the cooking.

BBQs must be cleaned to prevent rust and to stop dried food from building up on the grill. This helps keep them non-stick and makes the food taste better too.

Always try to move your BBQ under cover during the winter. If you have a shed or garage, then these area ideal places to keep them, as they are dry and will protect your BBQ from any extreme weather.

During summer, the smell of a BBQ is always enticing, and with so many options, it’s easy to enjoy your own BBQ.

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